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fall behind

If there is one thing in Kentucky that demands a love/hate relationship, it’s the weather.  As unpredictable as it is, the one thing a rider can count on is a few unseasonably warm days as the leaves give their last hurrah.

Today I found myself at work with nothing to do, staring at the gray walls of my cube and passively listening to the click and taps of my boss’s equally bored internet meandering, interspersed with sighs.  Read the rest of this entry »

why i ride

I don’t really know.  Can’t tell.  Might be the empowerment, the image, the badassery.  Might be that it’s the closest thing to flying I’ve ever felt.  Maybe it’s being in a picture without a frame.

But really I think it’s just this…

No one ever asks her why she likes to ride in a convertible or why she sticks her face out the window, into the wind.  No one asks her why she breaks out into a run when she has the chance.  No one asks her why she doesn’t like her travel cage. No one asks her why she doesn’t like being left in the house behind closed doors.

But it’s pretty much the same reason.

I just wish I expressed it better.  Then people wouldn’t have to ask, as it would somehow be obvious.

the halloween spread

Check out the new header, which is also on our craft blog due to the connection to making stuff. There’s no holiday I love more than Halloween. In general I like the seemingly pointless, rather pagan holidays the best (Halloween, Valentine’s, Easter, etc.) but for Halloween I tend to go all out. It is the only holiday I look forward to and enjoy decorating for. This header is a picture of the actual spread of my living room fireplace right now, while I bask in the glow of Law & Order SVU streaming on Netflix, blogging the backlog of projects while cruddy with various glues, paints, and oven cleaner.

This carve-able fake pumpkin was in the craft store and B-werd took a fancy to it, pointing out that yes, it is indeed Kawasaki green. I am rather handy with a pumpkin if I say so myself, and I wanted to make this for him. Just for making him smile, really, but in truth he deserves it for sanding every single one of the trays that end up in the happy and surprised hands of my customers and friends.

He also washed my bike today, but I think that’s because I made tacos for dinner two nights this week and boy loves his tacos and refried beans.

stupidest article about bikes i’ve ever read

Recently I had the unpleasant opportunity to read one of the stupidest articles about beginner motorcycle riding I’ve ever come across.

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amazing grace, part two

Grace joined the Motor Maids in 1956 and enjoyed having women rider friends

The continuation of the Amazing Grace story, and then a few notes on the spiritual outlook of one particular lady rider.
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